Underground churches in Iraq will soon have copies of two books from the Bible, John and Romans.

In the extremely radical area of Northern Iraq, illegal underground Christian churches will receive a precious seed, the Word of God.

160,000 booklets were assembled by Faith Baptist Church of Chelsea Michigan and Bearing Precious Seed, a ministry of First Baptist Church of Milford Ohio.

On June 8th, 2015 Phil Taylor, Director of Seedline, another ministry of First Baptist Church began the project. On the grounds of Faith Baptist Church, located at 4030 Kalmbach Road he arrived with tons of printed material, ready to be assembled into arguably, two of the most famous books in the Bible.


By the evening of  June 11th, four day days later, 4,800 “man-hours” had been served and 160,000 books were ready to be driven back to the Ohio printers’ facility to be placed into containers, destined for the countries of Iraq, Armenia, Ethopia and Brazil.

Faith Baptist Church members joined together in labor and fellowship 12 hours a day for 4 days straight bursting, collating, jogging, stuffing, stapling, folding and trimming the 3 foot wide printed sheets into the 160,000 John and Romans booklets.

In 2009 for the first time, Faith Baptist Church teamed up with the Bible book publishers who have their own multi-million dollar press and facility which prints only the Word of God.  Each year the members of the Faith Baptist Church and Pastor M. Adam Summers set another challenge for themselves. “Next year we’ll try for 200,000” spoke Pastor Summers during Sunday morning service and members cheered.

“The most exciting language we did would be the Farsi, based on the nature of the region” stated Pastor Summers.  He went on to say that “Many of those Bibles we put together will most likely be smuggled through the panels of cars, backpacks and in many different ways as there are underground churches their already.” Presumably owned or controlled by devoted Middle Eastern Christians.

“Within the next six months, Lord willing, these booklets will be in the field” said Pastor Summers.  Most likely, for the first time, people speaking Farsi, Armenian, Amharic and Portuguese will be learning the Christian belief that Jesus is the Son of God. “I believe Psalm 126 speaks prophetically about the Word of God” said Pastor Summers. He went on to state that “we bear that seed, it costs money, it takes toil and labor to produce.”

Members of Faith Baptist Church had raised over $22,000 in order to bear the precious seed of sending the Word of God to these countries. That seed will be planted in those developing Christian churches.

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