Board Meeting Synopsis – Lyndon Township 10/3/17



LYNDON TOWNSHIP – 17751 N. Territorial Road, Chelsea, MI  48118

Summary of Minutes, October 3, 2017—PUBLIC HEARING ON GREYSTONE DR. PRIVATE ROAD VARIANCE—Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM.  During Public Comment, a resident spoke on the Greystone Rd. private road variance request.  Item approved:  Agenda.  During Public Hearing, Washtenaw Engineering and Midwestern Consulting spoke to the private road variance.  Item Approved:  Approved the Greystone Dr. Private Road Variance Request Subject to the Conditions Set Forth in the Report from Midwestern Consulting, dated September 26, 2017, Verify the Speed Limit Requirements at Curve based on AASHTO Standards, and Subject to Approval from the Township Engineer.  The Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM.  Summary of Minutes, October 5, 2017—SPECIAL BOARD MEETING—Meeting called to order at 12:30 PM.  No Public Comment.  Item Approved:  Agenda.  Discussion occurred on Broadband Initiative and Sugarloaf Lake Weed Improvement.  The Meeting adjourned at 1:58 PM.  Summary of Minutes, October 10, 2017—TOWNSHIP REGULAR BOARD MEETING—Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.  No Public Comment.    Items approved:  Agenda; Consent Agenda.  Written  reports from Zoning Administrator and CAFA Trustee.  Gary Munce updated the Board on Broadband.  Lyndon Township solicited and received applications for the Broadband Implementation Committee.  There were fifteen qualified applications with diverse areas of expertise – six were chosen to form the core committee as subcommittee chairs and the rest were chosen for subcommittees with different responsibilities, including RFP/Project Manager, Community Engagement/PR, Engineering, ISP/ Bandwidth, Permitting/Environmental, and Political/Legal.  These groups have begun meeting.  An RFP (request for proposal) has been drafted and issued for the comprehensive management consultant.  The consultant will be an experienced firm or individual who will guide the township through the process and protect our interests as we conduct bids for and execute the engineering and construction process, as well as the internet service provider.  This bid and selection process will conclude once the Board approves a management consultant at the October 26, 2017 Special Lyndon Township Board Meeting.  We will hire a management consultant on October 27, 2017.  Items approved:  Accepted Shauna Mote’s Resignation as the Lyndon Township Representative to the Chelsea Area Fire Authority; Approved the Reappointment of Mary Jane Maze as Representative and Robert Mester as Alternate Representative to the Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority for a 1 year term ending 12/18/2018; Approved the Reappointment of Jonathan Berent as Representative to the Planning Commission for the term ending 11/2020; Approved the Reappointment of Jean Wolter and Tom Byrne as Representatives to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) with a Term ending 1/2021; Approved the Reappointment of David Pentescu as 1st Alternate Representative to the ZBA with a Term ending 1/2021.  The Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.  Summary of Minutes, October 26, 2017—PUBLIC HEARING AND SPECIAL MEETING—Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.  No Public Comment.  Item approved:  Agenda.  Public Hearing concerning Information on Sugarloaf Lake Weed Control Special Assessment District.  Supervisor Keezer addressed the issue and residents asked questions.  Special Meeting opened at 7:19 PM.  Items approved:  Chose CCG Option 1 for the Consultant of the Lyndon Township Broadband Project; Township  Board Representative Keezer go into Contract with CCG; Lyndon Township will not Provide Funds for Legal Costs to Fight Legislation Aimed at Preventing Municipalities to Provide Internet Service; Resolved that the Assessment for Sugarloaf Lake Control Special Assessment District No. 2 be Increased 9.99% to Provide for the Collection of an Actual Incremental Cost Increase Pursuant to MCL 41.724 and Financing of the Improvement Pursuant to MCL 41.721; Reappointed Robert Mester, Mark Brennan, and Helmet Bertrand as ZBA members for the term ending 1/2021; Reappointed Patricia Phillips as 2nd Alternate to the ZBA for the term ending 1/2021; Appointed Tom Demske as the Lyndon Township Representative to CAFA for the Term ending 12/31/2018; Contracted with Bollinger Sanitation & Excavating, Inc., for Snowplowing for 2017-2018 with Appropriate Insurance; Adopted Resolution No. 17-08 to Waive the Penalty for Late Filing of Property Transfer Affidavit; Accepted the Bid from Bollinger Sanitation and Excavating, Inc., to add 1500 Gallon Septic Tank with the Effluent Filter to the Existing Septic System at a Cost not to exceed $6,000; Accepted the Bid from Accurate Tree Removal and Trimming to remove Two Marked Trees and Surrounding Brush (at Parking Lot Corner), Wood and Brush Gone, and Stumps Cut Low at a Cost not to exceed $500.00; Tabled the Lyndon Township Chelsea District Library Representative to the November 14, 2017 Township Board Meeting.  The Meeting adjourned at 8:19 PM.

Prepared by Office Manager:  Janet K. Gilkey

Approved by Supervisor, Marc  E. Keezer

Linda Reilly, Township Clerk

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