Chelsea Schools To “Break Even” in 2016-2017

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After putting around $1 million back into staffing needs in 2016-2017, the Chelsea School District still projects their general fund budget for next school year to come out $30,150 ahead.

“We’re pretty much projecting a break even budget for this year, putting about $30,000 away when everything is said and done,” said Executive Director of Business Operations Teresa Zigman.

Overall, the district expects their total revenue for the general fund in 2016-2017 to be $27,234,411, which is an increase of about $1.26 million from the 2015-2016 school year. This additional revenue partly comes from an $118 per student increase in state aid the district will receive, totaling about $140,000.

However, the biggest increase in revenue that will be seen next year will be the $1.2 million extra dollars the district will receive from the special education millage that was passed in Washtenaw County in May. “Our largest adjustment is of course the special ed millage that passed and the funding that will come in from that,” Zigman said.

With the additional revenues, it allowed the district to increase expenses to add staff to lower class sizes and boost the special education department. “We’re going to put around a $1 million back into staff,” Zigman said. “We have staffing changes. We have a number of retirees this year. We also hired a number of new positions that’s lowering class sizes, providing additional assistance in the special ed realm.”

Overall, total projected expenditures for the general fund in the 2016-2017 school year is $27,204,261, which is an increase of about $1.28 million from the previous year. In the end, after the revenues are offset by the expenditures, the district expects a surplus of $30,150, which will increase the estimated fund balance to $5,266,285 on June 30, 2017.

The school board unanimously passed this preliminary general fund budget for 2016-2017 at their June 27 meeting.

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