Detroit Woman Uses Stun Gun On Ex-Lover At Saline Plant

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Saline police officers were dispatched to JAC Products on South Industrial Drive in Saline May 24 when an employee used a stun gun against another employee, who was also her ex-lover.

Officers arrived at the scene at 3:42 pm and staff members at JAC Products informed them a 22 year-old Detroit woman, who was working at the plant through a staffing agency, was involved in an assault against a 21-year-old Ypsilanti woman, who was also an employee of the facility.

In an interview with the officer, the Detroit woman said she had been dating the Ypsilanti woman for about a year. According to her statement, the two women had an intimate relationship. However, the Detroit woman recently upset the other when she told her that she just wanted to be friends.

The Detroit woman further told the officer when she arrived at work the Ypsilanti woman was in a car with other girls and started to antagonize and intimidate her. When she walked into work, the Ypsilanti woman started hitting her and “getting the better hand.” The Detroit woman said she pulled the stun gun from her purse and stunned her in order to get her to stop attacking her.

After she made her statement, the officer confiscated the stun gun and allowed another person to drive the Detroit woman home.

Later in the day, the officer then contacted the Ypsilanti women, who had already left the scene by the time the officer arrived, on her cell phone. She told the officer a different story. The Ypsilanti woman said she was walking into work with another girl when the Detroit woman came over and stunned her. She further said there was no altercation at all until she was stunned. She admitted to then punching the Detroit woman and getting her in a headlock. The Ypsilanti woman said she was stunned three times before other employees broke up the altercation.

The officer also called the third woman who the Ypsilanti woman said had walked into work with her. This person said the Detroit woman came up to the Ypsilanti woman and started hitting her. According to her statement, the Detroit woman then stunned her at least three times.

The officer again contacted both parties involved and told them not to have any contact with each other. A warrant request against the Detroit woman will be sent to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office.

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