National HIV Test Day 2017

National HIV Test Day 2017

From the Jackson County Health Department

An estimated 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV, and that number grows every year. One in seven people with HIV don’t know they have it.  That means they are not getting the medical care they need to stay healthy and avoid passing HIV to others.

The Center for Disease Control has found that more than 90 percent of new HIV infections in the United States could be prevented by testing and diagnosing people who have HIV and ensuring they receive prompt, ongoing care and treatment.  Yet approximately 62% of adults in the United States have never been tested for HIV.

HIV medicines can keep people with HIV healthy for many years and greatly reduce the chance of transmitting HIV to their sex partners.  Knowing your HIV status gives you the power to control your health and your future.

In observance of National HIV Test Day, the Jackson County Health Department is providing free counseling and rapid HIV testing on Monday, June 27th anytime between 8am and 4pm.  The departmet is located at 1715 Lansing Avenue.

Testing is always confidential and can be performed anonymously, if desired.  It only takes 20 minutes to learn your HIV status.  Get the facts, get tested, and get involved to take care of yourself and your partners.

If you are unable to stop by on National HIV Test Day, please know that HIV testing is always free and confidential at the Jackson County Health Department.  Normal clinic hours are 8am – 4pm, Monday -Friday.  Additional STD testing is available as desired.  If you have any questions, please contact the Jackson County Health Department at 517-788-4477.

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