New CAFA Board Member Wants Firefighters To Have The Best

Battling emotions, new Chelsea Area Fire Authority (CAFA) board member Shauna Mote explained why she wanted to serve on the board.

“I have a very soft spot in my heart for firefighters because I am really here today because of the firefighters,” she said.

At the July 19 CAFA meeting, Mote recounted the horrific accident in 2005 that took both her legs. “One leg was thrown out in a field and the other one was ripped up the back. I was bleeding profusely and really should have died at that accident,” she said.

Mote was traveling home from a meeting in Chelsea in February 2005 when she was struck by semi-truck driven by a drunk driver at M-52 and Boyce Road. “He was going they estimate somewhere in the range of 75-80 miles per hour. In that accident I lost my legs,” she said.

Many firefighters happened to be in a class in Stockbridge that night when a second call went out, and they quickly responded. “A second call had gone out from the few neighbors that came out to try and keep me alive,” Mote said. “They didn’t give it a second thought when that call came into Stockbridge. They were in civilian clothes. They jumped in their cars, and they raced to the scene.”

Mote now wants to serve on the CAFA board to make sure the firefighters have the best. “I really want our firefighters to have the best that they can have. I want our police to have the best that they can have. I want our EMS to have the best that they can have, because all our lives depend on it,” she said. “So that’s why I’m here.”

Mote replaced Linda Reilly as the Lyndon Township representative on the CAFA board, sitting at her first meeting in June. “I want this to work for everybody,” she said. “I want us to work as a team, because that’s what we are in this community, and we are so much better than everything that has transpired in the past, and we need to work together to move forward.”


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