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2/21 ~3:06am, an officer observed a vehicle traveling southbound on Maple Road with the driver side headlight out. Further, the officer also clocked the vehicle doing 45 mph in a posted 35 mph zone. The officer finally observed that the driver failed to use the closest lane available when turning right on Michigan Avenue. For these reasons, the officer stopped the vehicle on Michigan Avenue near Lewis Street. While speaking to the driver, the officer could smell a strong odor of intoxicants. The officer then asked the driver if he had been drinking, which he said he had not. The driver did agree to take a preliminary breath test. However, when the officer returned with the test, the driver was chewing on trail mix. Yet, the first preliminary breath test showed a result of .20. The officer then requested the driver exit the vehicle for sobriety tests. Field tests performed included the one-leg stand, where the  driver placed his foot down, and the walk and turn, where he used his arms for balance and walked off line. The driver was also unable to track smoothly in both eyes. After 15 minutes of these observations, the driver submitted a second preliminary breath test of .115. He was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol (OWI) and transported to the police station. At the station, he agreed to take the datamaster breath test. The driver was given the test twice with the results of .10 each time.

The case was forwarded to the prosecutor for charges.

2/21 at 11:14am, an officer was dispatched to Ironwood Way for a larceny of personal property from a vehicle. The complainant told the officer that some time during the night hours between Feb. 20 and Feb. 21 a person entered her vehicle and stole two identification cards, a debit card, keys, a pillow, prescription glasses and two power cords. The complainant said she thought she locked the doors with the remote, but found that the button was sticky. She discovered the theft when she saw some of her papers laying outsider the driver’s door. She then went into the car and found that it had been rifled through. The complainant said she canceled her debit card. The police do not have any investigative leads in the case.


Chelsea City Police

2/27 ~2am, 800 block of N. Main Street, While on routine patrol doing traffic enforcement officers observed a vehicle driving above the posted speed limit and accelerating. The officers pulled behind the vehicle and also observed that the license plate registration tab was expired as well. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle and the driver abruptly swerved off to the side of the road and came to a stop. Upon contact with the driver the officer could smell a strong odor of intoxicants emanating from the vehicle. The officer asked the driver he had consumed any alcohol this evening and he stated that he had two beers at a local Chelsea establishment that he had just left as well as a margarita at dinner in Ann Arbor earlier in the night. The officer observed what looked like a 64 ounce glass container with what appeared to be beer in the back passenger compartment of the vehicle. The driver a 37 year old
Chelsea man was asked to step out of the vehicle and complied with the requested standard field sobriety tests. At the conclusion of the tests the driver was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. The driver refused to submit to a blood draw, a search warrant was requested and approved and the blood draw took place at the Chelsea Hospital. The suspect was eventually taken to the Washtenaw County Jail.

The case remains open pending laboratory analysis by the Michigan State Police Crime Lab and warrant review by the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office.

2/28 ~8:07pm, 500 block of N. Main Street, officers entered an establishment in the 500 block of North Main Street to perform a routine liquor inspection. While inside the business the officers heard a disturbance coming from the kitchen area. Further investigation determined that a customer known to the officers as being a 34 year old Chelsea man was visibly intoxicated and appeared to be upset with some of the workers. The customer was acting in a loud and disruptive manner and had to be led out of the kitchen area; while leaving the area the customer slammed the door leading from the kitchen to the dining area and proceeded to fall onto the ground. The officer placed the subject under arrest for disorderly person and was eventually led to the patrol vehicle. It was determined that the subject was also currently on probation for a malicious destruction of property case out of the Chelsea Police Department; one of the conditions specifically prohibited the subject from consuming alcohol. The subject voluntarily agreed to a portable breath test which confirmed that the subject was legally intoxicated and under the influence of alcohol. The subject was transported to the Washtenaw County Jail. The case remains open pending Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s review and authorization on the charges.

Jackson County Sheriff – Waterloo

2/28 ~12:15pm deputies responded to the 5700 block of Hinkley Road in Waterloo Township in regards to an altercation. It is alleged one man struck another with a weapon, injuries are not life threatening and the suspect was arrested.

The suspect, a 58 year old man from Waterloo Township, was in a heated argument with a female relative. The victim, a male acquaintance of the women attempted to break up the verbal dispute.

Deputies’ investigation revealed that’s when the suspect allegedly threw an ax at the victim. The ax struck the victim in the leg.

The victim, a 40 year old Jackson man, sustained a laceration to the lower leg. He was taken to Allegiance Health for medical treatment by private vehicle.

The suspect was arrested and lodged at the Jackson County Jail. Charges of Felonious Assault are pending review by the Jackson County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney.

Stockbridge Village Police

2/22 ~7:40am, car/deer crash at Morton and N. Clinton.  No injuries to the driver.

2/23 ~9am, harassment complaint in the 300 blk of E. Main St.  The victim reported being harassed by his ex-wife via Facebook and email.  This is under investigation.

~6:15pm, dog-bite complaint in the 800 blk of S. Clinton.  SPD responded to a complaint of an eight year old boy being bitten by a dog.  The owner of the dog was identified.  The victim suffered minor injuries.  Ingham Co. Animal Control was called and the case turned over to them.  The owner of the dog, a 43 year old Stockbridge woman, was found to be intoxicated and disorderly with the victim’s parents and will be charged criminally.  She refused to talk with officers on scene.

2/25 ~10:30am, assist SAESA in the 800 blk of S. Clinton St. for a 56 year old man having seizures.  SPD arrived on scene and found the man conscious.  He was later transported to an area hospital.

~7pm, fraud complaint in the 600 blk of W. Main St.  This case is under investigation.

~8pm, assist Michigan State Police at M-106 and Krummery for an accident.

~11pm, traffic stop at Main and Wood St. for defective equipment.  SPD detected the odor of Marijuana on the driver and a search followed.  Marijuana was discovered on the 32 yr old Stockbridge man and he was also tested for operating under the influence.  He was eventually released and will be charged with the drugs.

2/26 ~8:15am, assist Ingham Co. S.D. with a domestic complaint in the 5400 blk of Shepper Rd.  The male half of the situation was leaving upon officers’ arrival.  No crime.  Trespass warning given.

~3pm, threats complaint in the 300 blk of W. Elizabeth.  This case is under investigation.

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