Police Blotter – Saline

Saline City Police

Compiled by Angelo Parlove

10/3 ~12:12pm, a complainant called the police department to report the larceny of her wallet. The complainant, a 35-year-old Ypsilanti Township woman, stated when she arrived at work at 7am she initially had her wallet. Later, she went to Tim Horton’s around noon and upon returning discovered her wallet missing. The complainant said she puts her wallet in a larger bag while at work. She further stated she often brings food and snacks to work to share with other employees, which she leaves in her bag. The other employees often retrieve the snacks from the bag. According to the police report, the complainant assumes someone took the wallet while going into the bag. At the scene, an officer checked around her car and surrounding areas to make sure the wallet was not dropped. The officer also checked the trash cans near the complainant’s vehicle. The wallet was not located. The wallet was black with DETROIT written on it. It contained the complainant’s state ID, Fauercia work ID, five $50 bills and two debit cards. The case was closed due to lack of investigative leads.

10/4 ~10:17pm, a complainant came to the police department to report an attempted fraud. The complainant, a 27-year-old Saline man, stated he received 10 calls from five different phone numbers out of Washington DC. The caller claimed to be from the government, saying the complainant had received a grant because he had not claimed bankruptcy in the last six months. He was given a number to call to start the “process” and upon completion he would then be able to pick up a $9000 check at a local Walmart. The complainant believed this to be a scam and did not take any action. Complainant came to the department in order to advise the police of the matter. An officer was unable to gather any information on the phone numbers used to contact the complainant. The complainant was given an identity theft packet and report number. The case was closed.

10/4 ~4:43pm, a complainant came to the police department to report a malicious destruction of property. The complainant, a 71-year-old Saline man who resides on Mills Road, stated between Sept. 23 and Sept. 30, unknown suspect(s) had egged his vehicle, a 2015 silver Ford Edge. The egging was not noticed for some time, therefore causing permanent damage to the passenger side rear quarter panel and roof. According to the police report, the complainant received an estimate of $515 to repair the damages. No other similar incidents have been reported, the police report also said. The case was closed due to lack of leads.

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