Saline Area Players Present “Warren’s Peace”

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From Mary Rumman

Celebrate Michigan with the Saline Area Players upcoming performance. Marc and Kathy Holland, local playwrights, created “Warren’s Peace,” a comedy set in the fictional small town of Crickwater, Michigan.

Warren’s Peace tells the story of a National guardsman, Warren, sent to the town to kick off World Peace Day.  He soon finds out that the eccentricities of the townspeople, age-old relationship conflicts, and their distrust of outsiders will lead to a bumpy ride.

The Michigan premiere takes place March 17-19 at Fifth Corner, 211 Willis Rd. in Saline.  To enjoy this Michigan experience, the doors will open at 7pm at which time guests are invited to find their seats and sample Michigan-made treats.  The show will begin at 8pm.

The cast includes Trevor Maher who plays Tom, a former army ranger who returns to town to care for his ailing mother, Brent Lofgren who plays Charles, the ambitious mayor of the town, and Patti Ringe, who plays Andie, his wife who was also Tom’s first love.  Laurie Atwood and Marlena Shuler play sisters (Shirley & Gwendolyn) with a long-term adversarial relationship.  Rounding out the cast is Andrew Godell who plays Warren, the National Guardsman. Marc Holland directs this comedy.

Full ticket information is available at Tickets include the tasty samplings of Michigan-made products before the show.


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