Saline City Police

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Compiled By Angelo Parlove

6/19 ~9:27am, an officer was dispatched to Salem Circle for a malicious destruction of property report. The incident occurred at the Speedway gas station on East Michigan Avenue on the previous night. At the scene, the officer met with the complainant, a 30-year-old Saline woman, who was standing next to a black Ford F-150 pick-up truck. The officer observed the front passenger door of the truck had multiple dents and scratches, and the frame around the door had similar damage. The complainant stated she was at the gas station in the late evening or early morning with a male friend. Both individuals were inside the truck at one of the pumps. The complainant then stated a car came “roaring” into the parking lot and stopped “abruptly.” The suspect, a 32-year-old Saline man, who she recently broke up with, appeared with a piece of metal in his left hand. The suspect started striking the truck on the passenger side and calling her obscenities. According to the women’s statement, her male friend grabbed the metal piece from the suspect. The complainant and her friend then drove away. The officer took the piece of metal into evidence. It was approximately a one-foot long piece of stainless steel. The case has been turned over to the prosecutor for review. The case is closed.

6/19 ~4:04pm, a complainant arrived at the police station to file an identity theft report. The complainant, a 31-year-old Saline man, stated an unknown person obtained a Kohl’s credit card under his name on June 12. The suspect then charged $820 worth of merchandise on the account. The complainant contacted Kohl’s, informing them he did not apply for the credit card. Kohl’s advised he would not be held responsible for the charges. The complainant further provided the officer with a printout of other businesses where an unknown person tried to open a line of credit under his name. Between June 1 and June 9, five different accounts were attempted, including Buckle and Fingerhut. The complainant spoke with all the businesses, notifying each of the identity theft. The officer provided the Saline man with an identity theft package and advised him to contact the department if other similar incidents arise. The case remains inactive due to lack of investigative leads.


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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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