Saline Foundation Wraps Up Successful Year, Looks Ahead To Next

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By Angelo Parlove

In the end, it was another exciting year for the Foundation for Saline Area Schools (FSAS) and the district. The foundation contributed over $100,000 to Saline Area Schools during the 2016-2017 year.

FSAS raised the funds this year for its 2016-2017 strategic grant, the Hornet Hub, as well as awarded 27 teaching grants. “We are excited about that,” said Annherst Kreitz, the executive director at FSAS.

Originally started in 1987, the foundation now looks forward to another successful year in 2017-2018 – it’s 30th anniversary. “We continue to do well, and we’re excited about where 30 years we’ll be from now,” Kreitz said. “I hope the foundation is very sustainable and standing.”

FSAS is launching its new campaign to celebrate the anniversary, kicking off with a tailgate and other festivities before the Oct. 13 football game at Saline High School. The celebration will feature carnival activities for kids on the high school auxiliary field during the game.

“We are going into a full one-year campaign for our 30th,” Kreitz said. “It’s going to be a little different than we have in the past, and it’s going to be just a time of celebration.”

“We are honoring our past and all the people who have put so much time and energy into the foundation in the last 30 years, and absolutely focusing on our future and celebrating it,” Kreitz added.

As the foundation turns the page on one great year, with its sights set on a successful follow-up campaign, FSAS is expecting an increase in corporate sponsorship for the upcoming school year. In 2016-2017, the organization had 26 corporate sponsors, but are expecting as many as 33 in the new year.

“Many new corporate sponsors are coming on,” Kreitz said.

FSAS held its Spring Open House and Recognition Program at the high school March 29, where the foundation presented the district a check for $75,000 for the collaborative learning space dubbed the Hornet Hub. The Hornet Hub provides students a 21st century learning space where they can engage in projects fostering collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

FSAS also awarded 27 teaching grants for about $34,000 in 2016-2017, providing a variety of support to teachers and classrooms across the district, including online programming, new musical instruments, mindfulness materials, virtual reality goggles and additional technology for next generation classrooms.


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