Saline Park Development Plan Moves Closer To Adoption

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By Angelo Parlove

The development plan for Salt Springs Park in Saline is making its way to city council.

At their regular meeting June 20, the Saline Parks Commission adopted the final draft for the Salt Springs Park general plan, paving the way for the development plan to be sent to city council for their final approval at an upcoming council meeting.

“This is like the dream works. This is what we envision it to be like in our future,” said Carla Scruggs, the parks and recreation director, who serves as the city staff liaison to the parks commission. “This is just the plan.”

The development plan was prepared by Beckett and Raeder, a landscape architecture, planning, engineering and environmental services firm from Ann Arbor, who has been working towards the final draft since the joint review session of city council and the planning, parks and environmental commissions in early February 2017.

“We’ve spent a lot of time making this kind of master plan-development plan for the park. It’s now ready to move on to city council for adoption,” Scruggs said. “Now taking tiny segments of it to develop the park is what we do next.”

“This is like the master plan. It doesn’t have to be exactly like this,” Scruggs further said, though.

Conceptual ideas for Salt Springs Park – which sits adjacent to the Saline River – dating back to joint review session on Feb. 8 included trails, overlooks and gathering areas, with the final draft featuring a pavilion and boardwalk.

However, Parks Commission Member Jim Peters raised concerns the final development plan may contain ideas too large in scale.

“Of course I’m all for it, but I wish to some degree, Beckett and Raeder delivered more of a Chevy than a Cadillac,” Peters said before the parks commission adopted the general plan. “I like to see it more of a preserve than some of these grandiose ideas Beckett and Raeder had.”


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