Saline Schools Welcomes New Staff Members, School Year Starts “Smooth”

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By Angelo Parlove,

With the 2017-2018 school year just underway, Saline Area Schools took a moment to introduce new staff members at the board of education meeting Sept. 12.

Overall, the district added 19 new teachers to the district for the new school year. “I really would like to welcome this group here,” said Curt Ellis, assistant superintendent of human resources.

Sixteen of the new teachers were able to attend the board meeting last week, with each stepping up to the podium to introduce themselves to school board members. Each gave a quick introduction of where they were from, where they attended college and the district building they will be working in.

“I’m real excited about them being here,” Ellis added.

The new staff members are (in alphabetical order): Lori Aeschliman, Harvest; Elizabeth Arby, Heritage; Ben Bellinger, High School; Allison Branham, High School; Maia Cunningham, Liberty; Caitlin Ellis, Heritage; Kory Gubala, Young Adult; Nikki Gunning, High School; Dylen Haller, Heritage; Lauren Henson, Heritage; Tamra Hinz, Young Adult; Katie Knoedler, Harvest; Karlie Lisecki, Pleasant Ridge; Jessica Markey, Middle School; Allison Mayer, Harvest; Erin McWatt, Young Adult; Sarah Nabaty, High School; Laura Noble, Heritage; April Rauscher, Woodland Meadows; Laura Sieber, High School; Jesse Spicer, Heritage; Dwayne Stange, Middle School and High School; Tameka Steed-McDonald, High School; Heather Theisen, Pleasant Ridge; Sam Weiner, Middle School; and Al Zeiher, High School

So far, the start of the school year has been smooth, Superintendent Scot Graden said. “I thank the community in general. It takes a lot of people both in our organization and around our community to be ready for school,” he said.

School Board Member Karen Delhey agreed. “I wanted to thank the staff and everyone for the great start to the school year,” she said. “I love seeing all the buzz on Twitter from all the teachers and staff and students.”

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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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