Stockbridge Youth Sets Out to Help Farmers in Kansas

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Stockbridge youth sets out to help farmers in Kansas

By Lynne Beauchamp,

Spring Break. For many, it means a time to vacate the cold weather of Michigan and retreat to the south for warm, sandy beaches.

For twelve year old Hannah Marshall of Stockbridge, this spring break means a time to help Kansas farmers and ranchers that were devastated by the recent wildfires that hit the area.

Marshall, an active member of 4-H, had heard of the recent wildfires that spread through the south on a 4-H Facebook page and immediately began her efforts to help.

After receiving the permission of her parents, Michelle and Joe Marshall, to cancel their spring break plans and a birthday party (Hannah turned twelve on March 30), she began her efforts of collecting funds and farm supplies to aid those who lost much, if not everything, after the wildfires.

Through the Facebook page, the Marshall Family discovered the need for assistance was centered in Ashland, Kansas where they learned help was needed in the infirmary, taking care of calves who lost their mothers during the wildfire.

“Seeing how it [the wildfires] effected peoples’ lives down there, how they lost their lifestyle” Hannah said was what made her want to help.

Marshall was able to raise $2000 for the effort and received donations from Alro Steel, Tractor Supply Company, Farmers State Bank, Dawn Foods and Goodwill.

“Hannah has a heart the size of Texas” said Michelle Marshall of her daughter’s willingness to help those in need.

Hannah Marshall, along with her father and an uncle, Kris Marshall, plan to leave for Kansas on March 31 and spend the next five days assisting there. Her mother, Michelle, said she wanted to travel with the group but was not able to stating she needed to stay at home as nine of Hannah’s twenty goats were expecting to delivery babies at anytime.

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