Treatment for Substance Abuse

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Do you watch the television show, Mom? How about This is Us?

Both shows deal with the topic of addiction. One is humorous and the other dramatic. Both are realistic in their portrayal of the turmoil brought on by addictions (in these shows addiction includes food, alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs).

In the few viewings I’ve had of both shows I’ve seen them deal with the impact on finances, child-rearing, personal relationships that are damaged, legal consequences, and recovery. One even deals with related death.

Here’s the thing about these honest portrayals. They hit on something palpable for those of us who understand or have lived with addiction. Even if it’s not exactly what’s happening in our lives, it feels like the people writing these stories know what it is to be in a family impacted by addiction.

And they probably do. Most of us would be hard-pressed to name a person or family who hasn’t been impacted in some way by a family-member’s substance abuse or addiction. It is the rare family, indeed, who can say their recent family history isn’t marred by some sort of addiction.

And that’s why it’s not something to hide from people who can help. Everyone who can help gets it. In particular your health care provider, minister or counselor should be able to say “There are resources to help you.” Those resources are available if you are the addicted person or a family member who is struggling because of someone else’s addiction. For instance, in our five towns there are at least 24 Alcoholic Anonymous-type groups going on right now. They might address alcohol, be for teens/families dealing with an addict or focus on narcotic or other addiction.

Perhaps you’d be comfortable speaking to a behavioral health nurse specializing in community outreach. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital’s Kathy Walz, LMSW, CPC (734-680-5312) is just such a person and can provide some guidance. Her services are free.

Here are some other addiction treatment opportunities in and around our 5 Healthy Towns. If you don’t see something below to help you, call the St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Assessment Services at 734-593-5251. They may be able to direct you in a way we can’t through a column in the paper. Just don’t be afraid to take a first step.


St Joseph Mercy Chelsea Older Adult Recovery Center  734-593-5251

St Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Greenbrook Recovery  734-786-4900

University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services (Ann Arbor)  734-764-0231

Celebrate Recovery, Grass Lake Family Worship Center, (517) 522-4062

Celebrate Recovery, Stockbridge Community Crossroads Church, 517-851-7075



Brighton Recovery Center  810-227-1211

Maplegrove  (West Bloomfield)  248-661-6100

St. Mary Mercy Hospital’s Chemical Dependency Unit  (Livonia)  734-655-5850

Henry Ford Allegiance (Jackson)  517-205-4001

Insight Recovery Center (Clarkston)  800-441-5092

Others with various levels of care

Home of New Vision (Ann Arbor)  734-975-1602

Dawn Farms (Ypsilanti)  734-485-8725


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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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