From Greg Raye

It’s free, it’s fun for the whole family, and it’s coming up soon. The annual pet parade, a favorite part of the Chelsea Sounds & Sights Festival, promises an unforgettable opportunity for pets and their owners to strut their stuff downtown.

The Event is sponsored by Chelsea Farmers Supply.  All participants should plan to arrive at Chelsea Farmers Supply (122 Jackson Street, downtown Chelsea at the railroad tracks) between 9 and 9:40am Saturday, July 29, 2017 to check-in and get lined up for the parade.

The parade features dozens of pets ranging from goats to lizards, rabbits to ponies, and dogs to cats.  The wide variety of pets is always a big attraction, and the creativity of the costumes show off the owner’s imagination.


All pets are invited to attend, as long as they get along with animals and people.  Costumes are encouraged but not required.

“We just want everyone to have fun,” said H.K. Leonard who owns Chelsea Farmers Supply with her husband Greg Raye.

Themes from previous years have ranged from “Hawaiian” to “Outer Space”, and “Woodstock” to “American Heroes and Icons.”  This year’s theme is “Farming & Gardening”. Bring your camera for this.

Immediately before the parade, contests take place with awards given to the winners in several categories.  Each year the contest judging is by Ms. Washtenaw County.  Contests include: Best Kisser (usually a dog), Most Unique Costume, Largest, Smallest, Youngest, and Oldest Pets, and more.

The parade path continues through downtown Chelsea, starting at Chelsea Farmers Supply, proceeding down Jackson Street to East Street, then south on East to Park Street, then west to Main Street, then north on Main to the railroad tracks and Chelsea Farmers Supply.

For further information call H.K. at Chelsea Farmers Supply 734-475-1777.