Honoring Our Seniors, New Coach, and the CHS Lacrosse Program that was cut short By Covid


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The parents of the Chelsea High School Lacrosse Association would like to honor the seven seniors who never had the chance to play their final season due to Covid.  The Chelsea Lacrosse team had a new leader, Matt Greca as the director of the program and varsity coach.  To say the least, parents, coaches, the lacrosse board, and especially the players were beyond excited for this season.

Although the season was cancelled, we want to celebrate the seven seniors who were leaders and had huge goals for this season.  They were excited for Greca’s direction that brought new skills, strength, and a force for team bonding.  We celebrate their love of the game and their strength during this time when their Spring senior season should have been filled with celebration for goals scored, team work, and cheering fans consisting of classmates, friends, and family.

Our seven seniors are: Ethan Dunahoo, Brad Fischer, Andy Kosowski, Rachel Kozminski, Kyle Mitchell, Shane Nold, and Riley Sumner.  These seven have been playing together for the last three years, and four of them have been playing together since middle school.

Coach Greca “had the opportunity to meet and get to know our seniors in the offseason, and was very impressed by their excitement and interest to begin pre-season workouts and to learn a new system.  The seniors worked hard during the pre-season by not only improving their lacrosse skills, but also by motivating their fellow teammates to participate in the pre-season. The pre-season work was clearly demonstrated during our week of tryouts and practice as the teams quickly came together until the season was cut short.  It’s disheartening for the seniors of the 2020 CHS Lacrosse team, however, I’m convinced that this group of seniors would have led the team to an exciting and successful season.”

Shane Nold stated, “I had a good feeling about this season for Chelsea lax. We had a very talented team including seven seniors. I was also looking forward to making a run with the boys one last time to set a new standard for Chelsea lax. It’s just a shame we won’t get to beat Dexter for Coach Greca.”  Shane will be attending Muskegon Community College in the Fall to continue his wrestling career.  And at this time, he is considering a degree in sports medicine.

Kyle Mitchell responded, “Never in a million years thought I would be saying this today but here I am. I thought we were going to have a big year. I thought we were supposed to be better than any other Chelsea Lacrosse team that came before us. We lost a former teammate Nolan Law. He was the best teammate on the field and a brother off the field. We dedicated this season in his honor. The coaches saw bright things for all of us this year. They were just as excited as we were. But it was all cut short.It’s hard to think that we’ll never get the chance to play on that field again. It’s hard that we’ll never get to show everyone how great we were going to be. Unlike the other seniors I will get the chance to play again in September with my dream school. I got lucky and get to continue playing in college. For them, their lacrosse career is potentially over and for that; all the work that I put in next year is for them. I don’t want what this season could’ve been to be forgotten. From now on I play for all you boys. I also want to thank my friends for all their support and especially my family. They’ve been my #1 since day one. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to find the love for the game. Thank you to all my coaches in the past. All of you helped me to improve and grow both as a person and player. I’ll always remember the experiences on and off the field. Thank you to all who made it great. RIP #NL31”.  Kyle will be attending Grand Valley State University in the Fall. He will be on the GV lacrosse team and is considering a degree in business.

Ethan Dunahoo stated, “The past four years of varsity lacrosse has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  Playing with the same guys since middle school really brought us together and made lacrosse super fun.  Coach Greca is one of the nicest, Nobel, and most caring people out there. He was going to take the seniors to the State Championship this year.  I am sad that lacrosse is over but I am very excited to see how Coach Greca turns the program around and into one of the most elite programs in Michigan.  I will be joining the local 252 Electric Union this Fall and I will be looking forward to watching the team for years to come.  Rest in Peace to the best goalie and teammate I could’ve asked for- Nolan Law #NL31forever” As mentioned, Ethan will be joining the local 252 Electric Union this Fall.

Rachel Kozminskiresponded, “These guys have become my family and missing this last season is going to be really tough for me. The three years I’ve spent with these guys have changed my life.” Rachel will be attending Eastern Michigan University in the Fall as a junior from participating in the ECA program. She plans to enter the nursing program.

Brad Fischer “was looking forward to the upcoming season as new change was surrounding Chelsea lacrosse.  I thought the program, even though only having a short time with it, had already jumped leaps and bounds from where it was in prior years.  The coaching staff lead by Coach Greca gave me much to be hopeful for in the season and I was looking forward to winning SECs.  The talent this year was shown even in the first week of practice as kids had been taking the time in the off season to put in the work as encouraged by Coach Greca and Porte.  I’m very sad that this year ended the way it did, but I’m hopeful the next year’s senior class will carry on a new era of Chelsea lacrosse.”  Brad plans to attend Washtenaw Community College to begin working on a degree in Social Work.

Riley Sumner will be attending Western Michigan University in the Fall and has been accepted to the aviation program.

AndyKosowski was not able to be reached, but we wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

The Chelsea Lacrosse Board and coaches are proud of these seven, as individuals and players.

They leave behind a growing program that will continue to promote their drive and commitment to lacrosse.