Making protective gowns is a family affair for one Chelsea couple


| 1 min | from Consumer’s Energy |

As a teenager in Tanzania, it always warmed Anirudh Bhagat’s heart to help people of various ages and backgrounds in his community.

If that meant running to the store for an elderly person, he would do it. If it meant standing up to someone who was bullying a younger sibling or a friend, he wouldn’t hesitate because of his strong belief that every person matters. As the COVID-19 crisis has turned the world upside down, people like Bhagat and his family are stepping up.

Bhagat, who works in Financial Forecasting for Consumers Energy, his wife Radhika, a local physical therapist, and his three young children are working together to make gowns for healthcare workers from their Chelsea home.

“I have been trying to get them involved in community service every chance I have,” said Bhagat of his children Aditya, 9, Aatish, 8, and Brinda, 6. “This is so important since not all folks in need will speak out during times of crisis and ask for help.”

So far, the family has made more than 150 gowns and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. They are giving the gowns to a group Bhagat found on social media called Angel Gowns: Protecting Those Protecting Us. That group then provides them to doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers around Michigan.

At night he and his wife round up the three children and get to work. “They are kids, of course, they have short attention spans, but for the most part they have stuck with it and helped out. I am so proud of them.”

Bhagat said he and his family will never know how many lives they saved. They will likely never know the people they helped protect. And that’s alright with them.

“We are all in this together,” he said. “Wherever I live I want to help my community out, especially during a crisis. You never know when you might be the one who needs your community’s help.”