Dexter Cider Mill opens once again to great anticipation

Richard and Nancy busy behind the counter

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Mention the Dexter Cider Mill and everyone gets excited for opening day.

One thing not cancelled for this fall is the opening of the Dexter Cider Mill which opened today, August, 28, 2020, under a drizzle of gray skies. But one bite of a fresh doughnut quickly chases those clouds away.

Owners Marty and Nancy Steinhauer have been busy for weeks getting the beloved Dexter institution ready for a community eager for a reprieve from all that’s been happening in recent months. Plexiglass has been installed as well as sanitizing stations. Routine sanitizing has been implemented as well as painted apples on the floor and parking lot to help guide customers into social distancing. And of course, please wear a mask. And be nice.

“As you can see, the big change is these safety protocols we are required to have in place,” says Rich Koziski, Nancy’s father who previously owned the Cider Mill. “We believe in being responsible citizens and following the required protocols. As many other places have already learned ahead of us, this is an entirely new way of doing business, and we hope folks can be patient with us as we adapt.”

Rich, a transplanted New Englander who, after spending 35 years with Ford, bought the mill in 1986 from the Otto Wagner family who bought it in 1900 from the VanNatter family who founded the mill in 1886. The Dexter Cider Mill is the longest continuously operating cider mill in Michigan. The legacy remains unbroken in that cider is made the same way it was 134 years ago using handpicked apples of 3-5 varieties and then pressing them in an oak rack press.

Be prepared to pay with cash or check. An ATM is available onsite. The Cider Mill is having some parking lot work finished so please be patient. It’s a good idea to check auxiliary parking options listed on their website before visiting.

The Cider Mill is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wed – Sun.

The cider, donuts, apples, hard cider, and other goodies are ready. It may still be August for a few more days, but when the Cider Mill opens, Autumn is as good as here.