A Chelsea Community Fair like no other


The Chelsea Community Fair is an important time for many people, so it was tough to see the COVID-19 pandemic close much of its traditional offerings this year.

However, knowing the importance of such things as the livestock, auction and fair food, the fair organizers, volunteers and supporters worked hard to make this summer-ending event a good one, no matter what the circumstances were.

“For all intents and purposes, it was as successful as it could be,” said fair president Eric McCalla. “We did the best with the situation before us.”

In the end, it was great to see the kids showing the animals they’ve put so much time into and the support shown by the community during the auction and fair food drive.

Because of things like social distancing, things were different though.

The livestock portion was scheduled out to be staggered with smaller groups gathered while not open to the public.

Prior to the auction, Kathy Grau read the following to let the community know how fair organizers felt:

“We would like to welcome you to our Chelsea Community Fair Livestock auction. We thank each and every one of you for coming out tonight to support these kids. Everyone played an important role in putting this fair together under the circumstances. We did not want to give up and let COVID-19 take the fair away from us entirely. We are really missing the fair ambiance and hope that we never have to experience this again. While the schools have been out since March, the kids had that much more time to spend with their animals, making the decision to proceed forward this much easier for all involved.  We have to remember that there is no perfect way to plan an event during a pandemic. We are just happy that we are able to put on something for these kids that have kept their lives somewhat normal.”

The following are the winners and buyers. Photos are by Sarah Norris.

Grand Champion Steer
Owner:  Reid Schneider
Parents: Dan and Ali Schneider, Dexter
Price:  $3.50#
Purchased by:  Marrs & Terry, PLLC; animal was donated to St. Louis Boys SchoolWeight of animal:  1375#

Reserve Champion Steer Owner:  Kierstin Norris Parents:  Tyler & Sarah Norris, Grass Lake Price:  $2.75# Purchased by:  North Face Farms Weight of animal 1243#

Grand Champion Feeder Calf Owner: Dylan Trinkle Parents: Carl & Alissa Trinkle, Dexter Price: $2.00#Purchased by: Schneider Farms Weight of animal: 539#

Reserve Champion Feeder Calf Owner: Alice Trinkle Parents: Carl & Alissa Trinkle, Dexter Price $2.00#Purchased by: D.G. Meyer Livestock Weight of animal: 559#

Grand Champion Pig Owner:  Klara Kuebler Parents:  Darryl & Kolleen Kuebler, Chelsea Price:  $4.50# Purchased by:  Jeff Klink & Reinhart Associates Weight of animal:  274#

Reserve Champion Pig Owner:  Carson Benedict Parents: Chris & Cindy Benedict, Chelsea Price:  $4.00# Purchased by: Pinckney Chrysler Dodge Jeep Weight of animal:  264#

Grand Champion Pen of Pigs Owner:  Heidi Fuchs Parents:  Dan & Ali Schneider, Dexter Price: $3.25# Purchased by:  Marrs & Terry, PLLC Weight of animals:  275# & 256#

Reserve Champion Pen of Pigs Owner:  Alice Trinkle Parents: Carl & Alissa Trinkle, Dexter Price: $2.00#Purchased by:  Palmer Auto Sales Weight of animals:  316# & 309#

Grand Champion Lamb Owner:  Mikaela Talbot Parents:  Nathan & Melissa Talbot, Grass Lake Price:  $7.50# Purchased by:  North Face Farms Weight of animal: 148#

Reserve Champion Lamb Owner:  Adalyn Gilbert Parents: Andrew & Kelsey Gilbert, Grass Lake Price:  $7.00# Purchased by:  Stieper & Brust Orthodontics Weight of animal:  143#

Grand Champion Pen of Lambs Owner:  Brayden Gilbert Parents:  Andrew & Kelsey Gilbert, Grass Lake Price: $4.00# Purchased by: Doyle & Renee Dingman Weight of animals:  138# & 142#

Reserve Champion Pen of Lambs Owner:  Bohdan Heller Parents:  John & Courtney Heller, Chelsea Price:  $4.00# Purchased by:  Staffan-Mitchell Funeral Home Weight of animals:  158# & 153#

Grand Champion Goat Owner:  Lake VanNatter Parents: Aaron & Kerrie VanNatter, Dexter Price: $200.00 Purchased by: Blast Corn MazeWeight of animal: 113#

Reserve Champion Goat Owner: Sadie VanNatter Parents:  Aaron & Kerrie VanNatter Price: $250.00 Purchased by: Bollinger Sanitation Weight of animal: 99#

Here are the champion buyers. Emily Trinkle assisted with these photos. Emily shows beef and hogs and she was a member of the 2019 Queens Court.  

Grand Champion Goat: Blast Corn Maze Reserve Champion Goat: Blast Corn Maze

Grand Champion Steer: Marrs & Terry, PLLC Reserve Champion Steer: North Face Farms

Grand Champion Feeder Calf: Schneider Farms Reserve Champion Feeder Calf:  D.G. Meyer Livestock

Grand Champion Pig: Jeff Klink and Reinhart Associates Reserve Champion Pig: Pinckney Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Grand Champion Pen of Pigs: Marrs & Terry, PLLC Reserve Champion Pen of Pigs: Palmer Auto Sales

Grand Champion Lamb: North Face Farms Reserve Champion Lamb: Stieper & Brust Orthodontics

Grand Champion Pen of Lambs: Doyle & Renee Dingman Reserve Champion Pen of Lambs: Staffan-Mitchell Funeral Home