| 45 sec read | from Amy Heydlauff, CEO 5 Healthy Towns Foundation |

Editor’s note: The following is a statement by 5 Healthy Towns Foundation in response to the statement released by the City of Dexter’s attorney regarding the ongoing tax litigation involving the Dexter Wellness Center.

“While the City of Dexter’s attorney’s memo to the City may seem objective,
there are several inaccuracies.

“Those aside, the City’s positions (and 5 Healthy Towns Foundation’s – 5HF)
are immaterial because multiple courts have spoken on multiple issues,
including those outlined in the memo. In the latest case, they filed (Oct.
2019) they are asking the courts to let them appeal other courts decisions
not to let them appeal!


“Here is an accounting of the decisions against the City of Dexter. There are
no decisions against 5HF since the one early decision in the City’s favor
was reversed on appeal.

  • State Tax Commission – 3 decisions against the City
  • Michigan Tax Tribunal – 4 decisions against the City
  • Washtenaw County Circuit Court – 3 decisions against the City
  • Court of Appeals – 2 decisions against the City
  • Michigan Supreme Court – 1 decision against the City

“Three cases are outstanding in the courts and the City of Dexter conceded on
two other cases.

“In the face of all these decisions against them, the fact they continue to
file cases suggests they have little regard for the taxpayer who is funding
this wild-goose chase. How can we stop this madness?”