The Chelsea Area Historical Society (CAHS) is pleased to offer a special Silent Auction.  A local donor has given two oil paintings to CAHS for the express purpose of selling them to raise funds to go towards the 2019 CAHS Match Campaign.  These paintings are by the award winning artist Elemer Anthony Lakatos (1910-1956) who was a fixture of the famed Detroit Scarab Club.

The two framed paintings are offered separately:

“Self- Portrait” – 16” wide x 20” high (canvas dimensions) / 21” x 25” (with frame)

“Deep Purple” – 24” wide x 30” high (canvas dimensions) / 33” x 40” (with frame)

Additionally, the purchaser(s) will receive a disk containing over 50 images of newspaper clippings related to the artist and these works.

A minimum bid of $375 is set for “Self-Portrait”; and $225 for “Deep Purple”.  The deadline for receiving a bid is April 10, 2019.  Anyone interested in seeing the paintings beforehand may contact the CAHS President, Bill O’Reilly, at 734-476-2010 or to arrange a time to meet at the CAHS Museum.  Bids can be submitted via e-mail to the above e-mail address or by mail to 128 Jackson Street, Chelsea, MI 48118.  All bid must be received by close of business on April 10, 2019.  Bids should contain the bidder’s name and contact details; the name of the painting being bid on; and the amount of their bid.

The 2019 Match Campaign is the last half of the campaign to pay-off the CAHS Museum’s mortgage.  Our goal is to raise a total of $25,000 from all sources by the end of this year which will kick-in the matching amount and provide the funds needed to pay-off the mortgage entirely.  As of March 1, we are nearly 40% of the way to our goal.