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The finishing touches are being put on the condos at 150 Jeffords St.

The Jeffords St. condos in Dexter will be finished by April 1st. The luxury complex has been the focal point of much curiosity and conversation since ground was broken a year-and-a-half ago. Jessica Guenther, of Guenther Building, took me on a tour.

“Guenther has been around for 75 years, and people know us and the work we do,” said Jessica. “People knew we were building these condos and that they were one-of-a-kind. They came to us wanting something unique so we showed them these.”

Much thought and planning went into combining function, elegance, and efficiency.

The complex located at 150 Jeffords St. has 22 residential units and two retail units. Sixteen of the residential units have been sold. Prices range from $352,000 for a single bedroom condo to $680,000 for a fourth-floor penthouse. If you were hoping for a penthouse suite with its 18-foot cathedral ceiling and million-dollar view, you’re out of luck. Both units have been sold.


I was limited to taking photos of the few still unsold units. Sorry, no photos of the penthouses but they are just a little breathtaking.

Here’s the million-dollar view from one of the penthouses. Well, a $680,000 view anyway.

As far as who exactly is moving into these condos, there is a broad spectrum of buyers ranging from 30-somethings up to retirees.

“There are a few Dexter residents and a few from Ann Arbor,” said Jessica. “There are out-of-towners who bought one as a summer residence.”

Bathrooms come in a variety of styles and sizes.

“Walkability is the main draw for the condos,” says Jessica. “They love the riverwalk where they can stroll with their dogs and are excited to walk around town to the Dexter Pub, to the gym, and events going on in the city.”

Each unit has one reserved parking spot in the underground parking garage.

To get their financing, the bank required Guenther to have half of their units sold before they could break ground for the condos. The first residents moved-in February 21. Currently, there are 8 residents with more to come as the finishing wrap up.

Jessica Guenther is a fourth-generation Guenther following the 75-year tradition of Guenther Homes.
The electronic fireplace can burn in a variety of colors and also puts out heat just like the real thing.
As big as the condo complex is, it can only be seen from Main St. when coming from the direction of the stone viaduct.
The complex is larger than most buildings in Dexter, but not higher. City ordinance limited its height.
Floor plans are designed to let in lots of natural light. It also gives residents a good feel for downtown activity.
The units can be customized in a variety of ways such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, and other design elements.
Each unit comes with a 100-square-foot storage locker.
Two commercial spaces have been built on the first floor. These will be office or retail. No food service.

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