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Virtually everyone nationwide is struggling with the illness and fallout from the impact of the corona virus. We are all venturing into uncharted waters as we do the best we can to protect ourselves, our family and manage unprecedented financial uncertainty.

Every single business in the Nation is now required to develop a temporary business plan that is creative enough to ensure that a viable business remains once we clear the threat of the virus. We at the Sun Times News are faced with the same concerns and are exploring several options to meet the needs of the community, our advertisers and our obligation to provide essential information to our readership.

Our business model is a simple one, we have provided a free, mailed newspaper to nearly 20,000 local residences and business for over a decade by reinvesting advertising revenue into a printed and online product that provides information and entertainment to members of several communities.


We are proud to be the community newspaper and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our coverage of high school sports has been exceptional and frequently we will receive compliments from appreciative family members for continuing the historically significant tradition of placing a picture of their child on the refrigerator. While digital content continues to gain traction nothing can replace seeing a picture of your child in the local newspaper. It is our intent to continue that tradition long after the memory of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

It is our intent to continue with a scaled-down version of our printed product to ensure our the government agencies we represent are able to publish their required weekly public notices. To that end, the Sun Times News will decrease mailed distribution and provide printed copies of the paper to several distribution sites throughout our area of circulation.

As a result of decreased advertising revenue, we will rely more heavily on our online product and include most of our content on our website, I encourage everyone to visit that site for more complete coverage of local news. We will continue to do the best we can with limited resources to provide important and interesting journalism to the community.

We find ourselves in a unique situation where most businesses are shut down and unable to afford any advertising whatsoever and others who are inundated with business and have no need to advertise because they are unable to keep up increased sales. All newspapers are suffering from the same declines in revenue and many feel this may be the final straw.

Thank you to everyone that has supported our publication. Our ability to provide the news and information to our readership has always been entirely on the backs of our supportive advertisers. It is important to acknowledge their contribution to the success of The Sun Times News and our ability to continue providing a free newspaper to the community. For those who have continued to place advertisements with us during these difficult times, we are eternally grateful, without your support we would be forced to close our doors like so many others. Your financial support permits us to continue providing community information under very difficult conditions.

It is our hope that the readership of The Sun-Times News recognizes your sacrifice and contribution and, when times get better, they are there to help with your recovery. Never in the history of our nation has the term “community” had such significance and I think we all should take time to reflect on how we plan to use this experience as a guide for how we intend to live our lives going forward. Community isn’t just a place where people live it’s a place where people share fellowship, goals, attitudes, interests, religion and common values; it is a place we call home. Thank you again for all of your loyal support.


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