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A Modern Apothecary’s Approach to Embracing Natural Remedies

At Anthro Apothecary in Tecumseh, owner Michaela Holdridge blends her academic background with a passion for natural remedies. Michaela’s approach to health and wellness is deeply informed by her Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology, with a focus on Medicinal Anthropology. In a recent conversation, she shared her unique perspective on the intersection of traditional healing practices and Western medicine.

Michaela explains, “Through various immersion trips, I spent time with different cultures and studied their social constructs around health and wellness. In anthropology, we are taught that medicine and how we approach health are social constructs influenced by cultural understanding.”

She explained that traditional healing methods and Western medicine are often seen as distinct. “We tend to look at healing as either rooted in science, which we call Western medicine or in what we would call folk practices. This creates a dynamic where Western medicine is viewed as scientific and folk medicine as something else. But with my background, I began to see the actual value, not just perceived value, of traditional healings and medicine.”

Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years, with documented uses dating back millennia. “For example, chamomile has been used for over 5,000 years to treat various ailments,” Michaela noted. “Herbs have always been a foundation for medicine, whether we label it Western or folk. It’s fascinating to see how these practices intersect.”

Michaela’s apothecary embraces this intersectionality, offering products that draw from both traditional and Western approaches. “I really like to explore using traditional methods such as tinctures and teas, but also incorporate Western ideas with our products. It’s about finding a balance and recognizing the benefits of both.”

Michaela has observed firsthand the increasing interest in natural remedies. “People are starting to recognize that when you dissect an herb to extract specific constituents, you might miss out on the holistic benefits. Herbs work with your body in a balanced way, and people are gravitating towards using whole herbs again. There’s a trend of taking health into their own hands, focusing more on prevention rather than waiting for a major issue.”

While she does not conduct personal consultations or classes, Michaela has many stories of customers who have found relief through her products. “We’ve had numerous testimonies about how our products or specific herbs have helped them. Herbs can work differently for everyone. For instance, one herb might help someone’s inflammation and joint pain while also working well for someone else’s asthma. It’s how the herbs are combined and used in which ways that they’re used that we tend to hear these different testimonies.”

At Anthro Apothecary, the customer experience is paramount. “From the moment you walk in, we aim to create a welcoming atmosphere. The store smells amazing, the merchandising is thoughtful, and our customer service is one-on-one. We explain the different herbs and their functions.”

“We love hearing from our customers about how our natural products have worked for them,” she says. “It’s rewarding to know we’re making a positive impact on their health and wellness.”

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