By Lonnie Huhman,

Dexter Township is looking ahead at a sound financial plan and has sorted out the needs in its zoning and planning department.

“The proposed fiscal year 2019/2020 budgets are balanced,” Dexter Township Supervisor Harley Rider said in describing the budget that went before the board on March 19.


“Our projected revenues for the General Fund, Fire Services Fund and Police Services fund slightly exceed our projected expenditures,” he said.

The estimated total revenues and expenditures for the various funds of Dexter Township are: the General Fund is projected to bring in $1,088,466 and have $1,082,861 in costs; Fire Protection will have $861,396 in revenue and $795,178 in costs while Police Protection is projected to bring in $510,696 with $508,513 in costs.

He said it’s been the township’s practice to project, “conservatively on revenue and liberally on expenditures, so we rarely dip into our reserves except for major projects.”

Also, he said the township is no longer collecting the millage for the fire sub-station.

Rider said some of the highlights for the General Fund budget plan have work continued on the township hall remodel project. He said the plan is, “to finish the remodel project we started last fall, stain the siding and restore the landscaping, and to put an ADA-compliant ramp from the parking lot to the lower level meeting room.”

Plans for road projects are still in the works. Rider said the only road project approved by the township board so far is for dust control. He said the board deferred action on any other projects to the April 16 meeting.

He noted, however, the township has paid the third and final installment on its portion of the Dexter Townhall paving project out of the FY 18/19 budget, which wasn’t due until next February, “so we no longer have any financial liability on that project.”

“Also, the Portage Lake Ave / Second St / McGregor area project that was budgeted for last summer, but was delayed due to the road workers’ labor issue, is scheduled to be done this spring. This project is funded by the township, along with direct contributions from some residents of that area,” Rider said.

The township has found its replacement for Zach Michels, who left the role as the township’s director of planning and zoning in November.

Rider said the board agreed to hire David Rohr as the township’s Director of Zoning and Planning. Rohr is a Dexter area resident and currently is the Planning and Zoning Administrator for the city of Adrian. Rohr has been with Adrian for the past four years and prior to that he was Park Planning Assistant for the city of Ann Arbor.

David Rohr
pic credit city of Adrian website

Rider said he will be working with board trustee Mark Mesko and township clerk Debra Ceo to negotiate compensation with Rohr.

“Two candidates were highly qualified, but after interviewing references, the selection committee unanimously believed that David would be the best fit in Dexter Township,” Rider said. “He is a planner by education and trade, but he has a well-rounded skill set that includes zoning experience.”

And Rider said, on a somewhat related note, the township board appointed Chandra Hurd, a Dexter Township resident, as an alternate member of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

“Ms. Hurd has a planning background and will be an excellent addition to the ZBA,” Rider said.