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A Visual History of Dexter Through the Eyes of Local Students

A view of the past through the eyes of the future, celebrating Dexter’s Bicentennial has been put into art through the hands of local students.

When planning the parade for the Bicentennial celebration, Steve Fineman had an idea to involve an important local institution, so he looked to Dexter Community Schools with help in putting together some banners to be used in the parade. A theme of the parade is “A March through Time.”

Fineman reached out to DCS Superintendent Chris Timmis, who in turn got him connected with art teacher Roger Sprau and the students in different grades.

The goal of the artwork was to capture different moments in the community’s history.

Fineman said 126 students submitted works of art. He said the students, with the helpful coordination of Sprau, did such a good job and because it wasn’t a competition he wanted to use all of the artwork. So they made eight banners to be carried in the parade along with booklets highlighting the art. These will be handed out at the parade.

Fineman said the students really put in an admirable effort with their work that needed to be recognized.

“It’s interesting to see their views of history,” Fineman said of the students and their artwork.