July 22, 2024 Donate

Chelsea, Dexter, Saline

A2ZERO Food Waste Challenge 

Did you know that the average household in the US wastes 35% of their food? And that annually, food waste in the US accounts for greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 42 coal-fired power plants? Plus, the average family of 4 could save $1500+ a year by reducing food waste.

Join the A2ZERO Food Waste Challenge from June 9th – June 15th and learn how simple changes to how you shop, prepare, consume, and dispose of food can help you significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and save you money on your groceries. During the challenge, you’ll get daily emails with tips and local resources on reducing your food waste, as well as access to ZeroWaste.org’s coaching, seminars, and events. Plus just by signing up, you’re eligible to win prizes from local businesses like a $100 gift card to Zingerman’s, a $25 gift card to Argus Farms, a Roos Roast reusable Fellow mug and more.

This Food Waste Challenge comes from Zero Waste Ann Arbor, and everyone is welcome to accept. The Chelsea Zero Waste and Washtenaw County Zero Waste Coalitions are encouraging everybody to “Take the Challenge”.  It won’t cost you anything; you may win a prize; and it’s a learning opportunity.