By Seth Kinker,

The Nellie Ackerson building in the Manchester school district has sat empty since last August. For the near future, it will stay that way as the district continues to look for suitable tenants.

Initially, there was interest from the co-op preschool and the Community Resource Center (CRC), but with both of those entities already housed in district buildings the numbers didn’t align.

The co-op preschool will instead be moved to Klager Elementary, with a preschool wing planned with the MECC program and GSRP program already housed there. The CRC is and will remain based in the Riverside building.


Moving forward, a proposal to market the space and price per square footage to the community is planned to see if there is interest. Manchester superintendent Nick Steinmetz told The Sun Time that with the closing of the Manchester Market, the farmers market has had talks with the district, but that they were still preliminary.

“We’re going to send it out to all types of different organizations, if we have enough interest, we’ll do something with it. Until then, it’s on the back burner,” said Steinmetz.

Prior to making the decision the building was being checked to see if it was suitable to be rented out. Steinmetz told The Sun Times that three quarters of the site is rentable right now, with 50,000 sq. ft. available without an issue. If it were to get to full capacity, Steinmetz said a boiler would need to be replaced to make the last quarter of the building usable.


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