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Chelsea, Dexter, Milan, Saline

AI-Generated Theme Song for Dexter Bicentennial Event

As the city of Dexter gears up for its Bicentennial celebration next week, a local resident has taken an unconventional approach to contributing to the festivities. Rob Marshke, a videographer interested in new technology, has composed an AI-generated theme song for the event.

“With my video background, I’m always following new tech like this,” Marshke explained. “So I wrote on lyrics, then after about two hours and 20-30 renders of tweaking the song, I finally came up with something fun.”

Marshke’s creative process involved writing lyrics and then utilizing AI music technology to generate the instrumental and vocal components of the song. Despite the limitations of AI in replicating human artistry, he believes the result is suitable for the occasion.

“Of course, it’s only AI, so the music and vocals are not perfect, but they are really good enough for people to listen to,” Marshke stated. “AI tech is getting better every day. In a year or so, it will be crazy good.”

The theme song has already received a positive reception from some event organizers who plan to play it during the Bicentennial festivities.

Marshke, a self-proclaimed lover of Dexter, expressed his excitement about the technological advancements that have made such a project possible. He laughs, “Back in high school and college, I always wanted to write lyrics and have a band attempt to create the song, but that never happened. So now, I can live out that dream, in a way.”

Take a few minutes and listen to one of the happiest songs you may ever hear.