By Mary Hall

Visitors at the Henry Ford Allegiance Health open house may have assumed that Doug Jones was simply manning the booth that had children making handprints in teal, green and various shades of blue paint, but anyone who stopped to ask found out he’s so much more than that.

Jones, as it turns out, is an artist, specializing in all-inclusive, collaborative design.  Currently, he is working with more than 800 community members, administrators and staff of the HFAH across seven counties, who have commissioned him to created art work for their several locations.

The artwork, which depicts hands holding water, has a background of hand-prints collected by Jones in the different colors, each one representing a specific location.  The hands represent the hospital staff “holding the community’s life in their hands” and water represents “life itself”.


For further information, or to contact Doug Jones regarding this or other art work, he can be reached by email at, or visit his web site at .

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