By Seth Kinker,

Chelsea Historical Society hosted the second annual Lynda Collins Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser April 24 to support the Chelsea Area Historical Society.

In 2002, Collins bought Thompson’s Pizzeria on Old US 12 after owner Dan Thompson was ready to retire. Thompson quickly became known for her spaghetti recipe.

This led to spaghetti dinners in Chelsea for years, whether for Chelsea High School Softball team or local non-profits. In addition to giving back to her community, she was also interested in the history of Chelsea.


Collins was one of the driving forces in raising the money needed for the historical society to purchase the Chelsea Museum at the former train Depot.

“The historical society up to that point, up to 40 years, was nomadic,” said Janet Ogle-Mater, a member of the Society and a coordinator of the Lynda Collins Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser. “It’s really in her memory because she helped us with collecting a fair amount of money that night. It was wonderful that the community came out to help the historical society.”

In addition to the spaghetti, there was a silent auction and other items available to be won via a ticket drawing. Items came from local businesses as well as members of the Historical Society.

“We just went out into the community,” said Ogle-Mater on the items included in the auction and drawings. “We reached out to our members as well as some of the business owners and say it’s to help the historical society. The hope is that we do this one in the spring, as sort of our annual event, this year we’re are also doing a garden tour. With these two fundraisers annually, we’re hoping that brings in the money to pay the bills.”

The money will go towards the mortgage of the museum but the hope is that once that is paid off within the next few years, proceeds can go to operating costs, bringing in new exhibits, and educational advancements.



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