Betrayal, Murder, Suspense-Locally Filmed TV Series, The Patron, has it all

By Lynne Beauchamp,

Cast, crew and special guests were invited to attend the private premiere of The Patron, a TV series filmed in the Dexter and Chelsea area.

Director of the series and resident of Dexter, Michael Steinbeck, treated guests to the full movie experience by showing the pilot episode at Quality 16 Theater in Ann Arbor on May 4.

The story revolves around the Jarit Family, a family of rural northern US. Nat Jarit, played by Bill Elverman (friend and producing partner with Steinbeck) begins the scenario arriving to a hunters cabin after being shot. The pilot episode entitled “The Baby”, then takes viewers back to the beginning where one first gets a look into the Jarit Family, the family business, betrayal, corruption and murder. The episode ends with one questioning who one is supposed to be rather than who one is.

Steinbeck said leaving questions to the story is intentional with the answers in upcoming episodes.

Those attending the premiere voiced amazement after viewing the final completed pilot episode-taking note of the sound quality, cinematography, acting and soundtrack.

Filming for the pilot episode began in 2017, and locals will recognize the rural backdrop as the scene begins at the Webster United Church of Christ and surrounding farm land. Steinbeck, who has lived in the Dexter area for twenty years, said this location provided a perfect scenery for a show that could be anywhere in the countryside of the northern states. 

The full pilot episode of The Patron is being presented to online streaming platforms in hopes of being picked up (Steinbeck said this was in the works but did not want to “jinx” the potential outcome)¬†Steinbeck said the advantage to presenting a completed filmed episode as opposed to presenting just a script was to show the talent involved in the production. More episodes are written and ready for filming for when the series does get picked up.

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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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