Dexter Township

6880 Dexter-Pinckney Rd.

Dexter, MI 48130

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Synopsis of Action of the Dexter Township Board of Trustees

Regular Board Meeting July 17, 2018

Called to order at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Supervisor Rider, Clerk Ceo, Treasurer Brushaber, Trustees Compton, Drolett, Gajewski and Mesko.

Also Present: Zachary Michels, Director of Planning and Zoning

Supervisor’s Remarks: None

Call to the Public:  Chris Olsen, member of the Huron Watershed Council, expressed support to place the Property Development Rights (PDR) millage proposal on the November 2018 ballot. Frank Papp, Chris Mehuron, Tracy Brown, Molly Maciejewski, Michelle Stamboulellis, Tim Zaleski, residents of Dexter Township spoke in support of the PDR ballot proposal.  John Tandy, Dexter Township resident, spoke against the PDR ballot proposal.  David Bruno, Dexter Township resident, stated he moved to our township for the space and want to hear more about the details of the PRD proposal.  Jason Maciejewski, Dexter Township resident, introduced himself as a Candidate for Washtenaw County Commissioner District #1.

Oral Reports: Jason Maciejewski, Dexter Township representative to the Western Washtenaw Recycle Authority (WWRA) presented the annual report to the Board stating in 2017 WWRA had an increase in materials collected, has a healthy fund balance and is able to start replacing old equipment.  Trustee Compton, Broadband Committee Chair, updated the Board on the Broadband committee initiatives: working to update the broadband map; has a meeting schedule with Charter representatives later this month; update of HB 4162 reference special assessment districts for Broadband is stalled in committee and Lyndon Township is moving forward with their installation of fiber optics for Broadband services.  Supervisor Rider advised the foundation work to township hall is complete, the next project will be new siding and pulling permits for the basement remodel.

The Board took the following action: Approved the Agenda for July 17, 2018 Board meeting presented at the meeting; Approved the minutes from the June 19, 2018 Regular Board Meeting present at the meeting; Approved the minutes from the June 22, 2018 Special Board Meeting present at the meeting; Approved a Special Meeting of the Board to Trustees to discuss Ordinance #37 PDR, no date or time was set; Approved to consider placing the question to the voters at a regularly or special scheduled election following the adoption of revisions to the Ordinance #37 PDR; Approved $1,000 be place in the PDR fund after review by legal counsel; Tabled voting on the Multi Lakes Water and Sewer Authority Restated Articles of Incorporation; Approved Resolution #18-519 as present at the meeting granting authority and consent to Lyndon Township, or assignee to install fiber optic lines within the highways, streets, alleys, and other public places in Dexter Township; Approved the refund of $1,050 to Tele-Site Inc.; Approved Noah’s Landing Private Road Application request, pending receipt of missing documents, and legal counsel review.

Board also authorized payment of: General Fund bills totaling $60,506.70, Fire Fund bills totaling $61,085.82, Police Fund bills totaling $41,491.91, Fire Sub-Station Fund bills totaling $118.89, Agency Fund bills totaling $1,600 and gross monthly payroll of $28,377.05.

Second Call to the Public: John Tandy, Dexter Township resident, express concern about how the Director of Planning and Zoning handled processing his permits.  Michelle Stamboulellis, Dexter Township resident, expressed frustration with the Board not moving forward earlier on the PDR issue since it was presented a year ago.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:26 PM.

Debra A. Ceo, Clerk, Dexter Township

Approved by Harley B. Rider, Supervisor, Dexter Township


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