Freedom Township Board

11508 Pleasant Lake Road, Manchester, MI 48158


July 10, 2018 Regular Board Meeting


Meeting called to order at 8:00pm

Members present        Bristle, Layher, Huehl, Schaible    absent- Weidmayer

5 public in attendance

Board heard citizen participation, communications received, and treasurer, clerk, planning commission, ordinance enforcement officer and zoning administrator’s reports.

Items approved:

To have Trustee Huehl moderate the meeting

To add Civil Infraction Ordinance to old business

Minutes for June 12, 2018

Treasurers Report

To authorize Freedom Township historical records to be loaned to the Manchester Historical Society and returned to Freedom Township when they no longer needed there

To adopt Civil Infraction Ordinance #47

To pay Washtenaw County $500 for the County Clean-Up day in Saline Sept. 29, 2018

Lisa King, from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s office, will be here to talk with the board about the idea of contracting with them and Manchester School to get a paid deputy in the area.

The Special Assessment that was created for the lake district expires this year and PLPOA and representatives from the county would like to present the board with the data they have collected over the last 5 years and ask the board to vote for another special assessment.


Meeting adjourned at 9:13p.m.

Prepared by Valisa Bristle, Clerk       Approved by Dennis Huehl, Trustee (Moderator)

Copies of meeting minutes are available upon request from the Township Clerk or on the website at

Valisa Bristle, Township Clerk

Dennis Huehl, Township Trustee