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BoostedMoo: An idea for a University of Michigan Class Project turns into a unique Health Supplement

Product image courtesy of its Kickstarter page

Created by three students at the University of Michigan, BoostedMoo is a new supplement that emulates the benefits of raw milk. It’s a unique product that aims to do things like increase one’s energy, and it was invented right down the road in Ann Arbor.

In hearing about BoostedMoo and wanting to learn more, the Sun Times News (STN) reached out to the creators. They are Eric Settineri, a sophomore, Benjamin Duncan, a junior and Jack Lipkind, also a sophomore. All three are Economics Majors.

Describing BoostedMoo, they said it’s a supplement powder that is made to be added to a glass of milk, a protein shake, or with any sort of dairy product, once daily.

“We started by designing a formula that emulates the benefits of raw milk as the foundation of our supplement,” said Settineri. “We then went a step further and boosted our formula with additional ingredients to support maximum athletic performance.”

They said those “who use BoostedMoo daily can see improved lactose digestion and utilization, improved cognitive health and function, improved muscular recovery and growth, and an increase in energy.”

STN asked Settineri about the benefits of raw milk.

“Before milk is pasteurized to lengthen its shelf life and remove potentially harmful bacteria, it contains a wide array of vitamins and enzymes that provide superior nutrition and support for body functions,” he said. “Those who drink raw milk can see improved fat digestion, increased energy and brain health, better utilization of proteins and fats, skeletal support, and reduced bloating.”

The BoostedMoo team-left side Benjamin Duncan, middle Eric Settineri, right side Jack Lipkind. photo courtesy of the BoostedMoo team

The idea for BoostedMoo started through a class at U of M called Entrepreneurial Creativity/Psychology, taught by Dr. Eric Fretz.

“Over the course of the semester, students were tasked with creating a product and trying to push their idea as far as possible, attempting to end the semester with something epic,” Settineri explained.

In making their idea come to life, the BoostedMoo team began by consulting several raw milk experts and pasteurization scientists to get a comprehensive list of the enzymes and vitamins found in raw milk, as well as their benefits.

“Once we cemented the basic structure of our formula, we researched different supplement manufacturing companies, eventually finding our manufacturer, Nutracap Labs in Georgia,” Settineri said. “We worked with their in-house chemistry team to hone our idea from a rough formula to a finalized product that we are excited to soon provide to the public.”

They said throughout this entire process, “we were mentored on the business side of things by our professor Dr. Eric Fretz and our Graduate Student Instructor Joe Westberry, as well as utilizing the lessons learned in Dr. Fretz’s lectures. In citing those who helped them, they also gave a big shoutout to their GSI Joe Westberry. They said couldn’t have done this without his help.

It sounds like a very interesting product. For those interested in it, BoostedMoo will soon be available to the public through donations to the product’s Kickstarter page.

The BoostedMoo team said if their Kickstarter funding goal is reached, “donors will receive the first shipment of our finalized BoostedMoo product. Following what we hope will be a successful completion of our Kickstarter, we plan on eventually making our way into stores and online sales.”

Here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bmoo/boostedmoo-raw-milk-supplement-for-athletes