Bulldog Lacrosse drops to Holt

By: Seth Kinker, skinker@thesuntimesnews.com

The Chelsea Bulldogs boys lacrosse team (2-3) dropped their third straight game against the Holt Rams on Apr. 10 at Jerry Niehaus field. 

A shorthanded Bulldogs team missing four starters on a band field trip pulled up four players from junior varsity and competed early but fell behind in the second half. 

After the first quarter the Rams held a 1-0 lead after scoring on a counter a few minutes into the game. The Rams dominated possession with the Bulldogs not getting a meaningful offensive possession until 6:45 in the first. 

In the second quarter, the offense got chances and results. 

26 seconds into the second, Bulldog junior Shane Nold was found after crisp passes rotated the ball behind the goal. 

The Rams would then add two goals before the Bulldogs scored two of their own. First it was junior Kyle Mitchell getting one back with 6:23 to make it 3-2 followed by junior Aidan Boote cleaning up a rebound with 5:42 to tie it at three and force a Rams timeout. 

After that the Rams closed the half similar to how they started the game, controlling possession. They outscored the Bulldogs 3-1 to take a 6-4 lead into the half. Boote scored the one goal and led the Bulldogs with a hattrick. 

“We changed our offensive set up in the second, it helped us get back in the game,” said Bulldog head coach Joe Koengeter. “Turnovers killed us and put us in a hole.”

Penalties got the Bulldogs in quick trouble to start the third quarter. They outscored the Bulldogs 9-1 in the third. Boote scored the lone Bulldog goal with 4:51 in the third. 

“We gotta stay outta the penalty box,” said Koengeter. “Just gotta get smarter. We lose our minds a little bit, we gotta do a better job of playing lacrosse the way we know how to play lacrosse.” 

In the fourth quarter the Bulldogs got the looks, but just couldn’t find the back of the net enough times. Both teams added two goals as the Rams won 14-7. 

“Their goalie played great,” said Koengeter. “He had a lot of good saves and we had a lot of good shots. Good looks, looks I wanted to see, and they’ll eventually go in, but their goalie really stood on his head tonight and was the big difference maker in the game.”

After three from Boote; Nold, junior Kyle Mitchell, junior Riley Sumner, and senior Cam Breining all had one. 

The Bulldogs open conference play at home on Apr. 12 hosting Pinckney.  

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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