Sparky’s Fireworks Outlet
3731 Ann Arbor Rd.
Jackson, MI

Sparky’s Fireworks Outlet is the #1 choice for fireworks in Michigan and is locally owned and operated by the fireworks expert Mark Joseph who is the passion and the drive behind Sparky’s Fireworks Outlet’s success. Every year during Sparky’s Fireworks Outlet Customer Appreciation Day you can see demos before you buy and see the breathtaking grand finale of specially choreographed fireworks and music – each year has a special theme and is scheduled in May or June – pencil it in for 2019. If you haven’t attended one yet put it on your bucket list for 2019!

The store offers a huge selection of hand-picked items that are Sparky Approved – they only sell fireworks they¬†use and approve! Sparky’s Fireworks Outlet selects only the best fireworks from the best brands featuring their own Sparky’s Fireworks Brand and the best of Brothers, Big Fireworks, Megabanger, Dragon, XS, Certified Black label, Black Cat and more – they are always looking for new brands that can pass the Sparky’s Test!

Fireworks in the store range from top of line 3″ Finale Cakes used in the big shows to sparklers and other unusual novelties. Sparky’s Fireworks Outlet has everything you could ask for to have a fun, friendly and safe experience for any event.

The best fireworks at the absolute best prices, selection and they have everything you need to put on your own show – big or small – they can show you how with the latest pyro equipment for Amateur, Pro-Am or Professional.