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Schupbach’s Sporting Goods
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The Schupbach’s Sporting Goods Story

In 1946, David Schupbach and Bryan’s brother Kevin, opened an aftermarket auto store called Western Tire and Auto. Western Tire and Auto installed custom seat covers and added whitewalls to tires. The business also specialized in mag wheels, floor mats, mud flaps, curb feelers, street slick tires, side pipes, baby moons and chrome hub caps as well as the more traditional automotive maintenance parts.

A transition to selling firearms came in 1956 when Calvin Schupbach started working at the shop. Calvin, a grease monkey himself, also liked to trap and skeet shoot. His passion turned into a side business. Calvin would take guns in on trade for auto parts and found that he could turn them around quickly and profitably.

Taking guns in on trade took a life of its own and Western Tire and Auto became a licensed firearms dealer in 1960 and started stocking guns. In the early 1970’s Western Tire and Auto became Western Automotive and Sporting Goods, stocking over 1,500 guns and becoming one of the largest gun dealers in Michigan

Ted Nugent and Bryan Schupbach, good friends since the 60’s.
Bryan Schupbach went from a part-time employee to full-time in 1978.  Bryan’s interest in cars and trucks motivated him to push the automotive side of the business but his passion for hunting was a driving force for change.  In 1984, David and Bryan’s brothers Kevin, Mark and Darren went to Yellowstone for two weeks in August. Bryan used his Dad’s vacation to completely rearrange the business.  Included in the transformation was adding bows and archery supplies to the store.

Without telling his Dad, Bryan sold everything that was automotive related to a distributor. He kept the move from his Dad because he knew it would be hard for David to let go of the original core auto business David started.

Bryan’s goal was to sell a modest 25 bows during their first weekend in business and he ended up selling 150 bows , 1,100 dozen arrows and 50 firearms. Schupbach’s has never looked back!

Today Schupbach’s Sporting Goods is still family owned and operated.  Come on in and visit!