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Scio Township is seeing some changes in its utilities department with its current director going in a new direction in the New Year.

Scott Martin, who has been Scio Township Utilities Director for almost 14 years, is retiring Jan. 1. He said after 38 years in the same field and almost 14 with Scio Township he and his wife think it is time.

“Both my kids and five grandkids have relocated to the Grand Rapids area and my wife and I want to be closer to our family,” he said.

Looking forward, Martin said he hopes to be able to help his kids and grandkids in their everyday life, and he wants to golf more, “and just enjoy retirement and a good age.”

To address this coming change, the township board at its Dec. 10 meeting unanimously approved a fill-in replacement.


It appointed current utilities employee Eugene Payton as acting Director of Utilities, effective Jan. 1 until a permanent appointment to position of Director of Utilities is made and it authorized an adjustment in the regular compensation for performing these additional duties to $76,200.

The township report said in the interim period, while a search is conducted to find a qualified replacement, “Mr. Payton has agreed to step in as the interim Director. He has the requisite experience and skills to perform these duties, and in fact prior to coming to Scio Township, he ran a similar utility department for another municipality. While he is performing these additional duties, his compensation will be adjusted to $76,200.”

In other township news from the Dec. 10 meeting, the township board approved a site plan for a new office building to be built at 8197 Jackson Road. The plan was put forth by the E. T. MacKenzie Company, which currently has a branch office at 6400 Jackson Road.

According to its website, E.T. MacKenzie provides construction, demolition and remediation services to commercial, industrial, residential and government construction and demolition sites.

The company is planning to build a 2,400 square feet office building at 8197 Jackson and will continue to use the site under its current use. This location has been a contractor’s office and storage yard, and there is workshop structure already on the property.


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