Chelsea Adult Learners Institute Announces Winter/Spring Classes

Classes offered by the Chelsea Adult Learners Institute in its 2019 Winter/Spring session again provide several alternatives to the trip south that you are not going to take anyhow. You may instead want to brighten things with a class on Indoor Gardening or learning how to cook delicious Thai curries.  Winter also provides the perfect opportunity to ponder Shakespeare’s History and Tragedy plays, or the Women of the Old Testament, or the Origins of the Italian Renaissance or the work of Gertrude Bell in the East as she fashioned the modern states of Iraq and Jordan. A course on Korea and another on Far Eastern Monuments of the World might lend you an edge in a conversation about that important part of the world. And if Winter is really getting you down, ALI offers two courses in music to soothe the savage winter breast…one with Scott Joplin and the other with Maurice Ravel. 

If faraway places intrigue you while sipping your hot toddy, ALI offers a tour of Ireland and Wales, another of the Scandinavian Islands and their architecture, and yet another on the Appalachian Trail. But if you would rather stay closer to home, a tour through two Ann Arbor neighborhoods, Historic Burns Park and the more modern Ann Arbor Hills, or even a class on the intriguing architecture of Albert Kahn in Detroit might suit your fancy. You won’t need your GPS to discover that it’s more Fun with Maps and you might even learn something about mining in that class.  And then, to tell your friends about all your in-house adventures, be sure to check out the Art of Storytelling.

If you just can’t wait to get outside, try thinking about Michigan’s Warblers and Owls which, even if you aren’t a bird watcher, is a fascinating class as is the one on Michigan’s Wildflowers.  And for a rich, vicarious adventure without leaving home, try the class in Racing to Mackinac Island in a sailboat.

Classes meet once a week from early March until late May at sites throughout the Chelsea-Dexter area, generally for a one to three or four week span. Tuition fees range from $10 to $30 depending on the number of meetings and there is a $10 registration fee. Registration is accepted throughout the semester as long as space is available.Catalogs were mailed in mid-January and are available at several sites throughout the county. More information is available at www.adultlearnersinstitute.orgor call 734-292-5540.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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