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The Chelsea city council met before their regularly scheduled city council meeting on Oct. 21 to hold a review session for their 2019-20 goals and objectives established at their annual visioning session on Feb. 13.

In addition to that annual visioning session, that outlines strategic direction and goals for the coming fiscal year, held on Feb. 13, it was decided that a similar session would be held in the fall to look at their progress.

Established goals at that session for 2019-20 included maintaining financial sustainability, ensuring good stewardship of municipal infrastructure, community engagement and enhancement, the encouragement of innovation and excellence in customer service, promoting a safe community, developing and maintaining a first-rate workforce, and the continuing evaluation of goals and objectives.


A packet provided to council members addressed those goals while highlighting what progress the city had made, if any, to that point on the various goals.

The Community Redevelopment Act, the City’s participation in the redevelopment of the Federal Screw Works property and researching cost recovery ordinances in other communities, were some of the things the City has done since the visioning session to address the goal of maintaining financing sustainably.

When discussing the goal of ensuring good stewardship of municipal infrastructure, three projects; Lane street (spring 2020), neighborhood safety improvements that included Road Safety Audit recommendations (spring 2020), and an enhanced budget for tree replacement were ongoing or soon to be underway projects,

The city has worked on community engagement and enhancement by involving youth in the city government, forming a human rights commission, and implementing the 5-year update of the parks and recreation master plan, just to name a few.

Another goal, promoting a safe community, was addressed when they held a work session for additional county funding for law enforcement and community mental health.

Once the council was updated on the progress on their goals and objectives to this point, they talked about things they had heard from community members or concerns they had.

Councilmember Cheri Albertson talked about formalizing bylaws and practices as well as the vetting process for those who apply for city commission and board positions.

Albertson also said there were violations of rules of the city council and “being a stickler for process and procedure” she was concerned with “the absence of consistent commitment to Robert’s Rules codes and behaviors as well of conflicts of interest.”

“Roberts rules aren’t being applied and it’s impeding the process and it’s creating the perception we have a lax and uninstructed city government.,” said Albertson. “I find it embarrassing. I’d like us to pay more attention to codes and behaviors.”

Mayor Melissa Johnson brought up a few requests for an additional ordinance. One had to do with the new laws that gave local governments more control over timing with fireworks and another had to do with dangerous tree removal.

Before wrapping up, City Manager John Hanifan did reinforce the need to address zoning ordinances.

“That’s something we have to complete,” said Hanifan. “In order to have the master plan adopted we have to complete the zoning ordinances to match with planning, that’s something we have to do by this year..this fiscal year.”