Chelsea City Police

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Compiled by Angelo Parlove

6/19 ~4pm, an officer took a phone call from a subject residing in the 600 block of Flanders Street for the report of a fraud/swindle complaint. The complainant/victim stated that three months ago he had received a telephone call regarding a possible infection of his home computer. The suspect caller was able to convince the complainant that his computer was infected and allowed the suspect remote access in to the computer. The suspect then proceeded to charge the suspect for some virus protection that was unable to be established if it was ever provided. On the present day of June 19, 2017 at approximately 4pm the victim received a call from that company and they told him that his software was not working properly and they refunded him the money; however, inadvertently returned $3,199.00 instead of the $399.00 which was originally charged. The suspect was able to convince the complainant to go to a Wal-Mart and purchase gift cards as a way of returning the money. Complainant did as directed by the suspect but later became suspicious of the situation and decided to contact the police. The case was turned over to the investigator but it was unlikely that any successful resolution would be made since the suspects were believed to be foreign subjects originating from the India/Pakistan area.

6/22 ~12:55pm, A complainant came in to the Chelsea Police Department to report that she was the victim of two separate credit card frauds that had recently taken place. The complainant stated that she reviewed her recent bank activity and noticed that there were two recent unauthorized transactions to her bank card. The complainant showed the officer a purchase for some pizza from an establishment in Southfield and a Paypal transaction for a purchased new IPhone. What further concerned the complainant is that the suspect either inadvertently sent the item to the complainant’s house in the 500 block of West Middle Street or intended to pick the phone up once it had been delivered. The complainant was able to secure the phone prior to it being intercepted. The case remains open pending further investigation in to any potential suspects.

6/23 ~10:59am, an officer was requested to come to the front desk of the Police Department for the report of a larceny of a spare tire from the 1600 block of South Main Street. The complainant stated that he had his vehicle in for service from June 10th through June 23rd and when he got home and looked at the vehicle he noticed that the spare tire was gone. The complainant stated that he knew that the tire was under the vehicle when he dropped the vehicle off and believed that an unknown suspect(s) had stolen the tire at some point while it was parked. The case is closed pending any further investigative leads on a potential suspect.

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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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