Chelsea Class of ’51 Donates Drawings

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By Seth Kinker,

The graduating class of Chelsea High School in 1951 was looking for ways to spend their remaining class treasury funds and benefit the local community.

Two years ago, during their 65th class reunion, they began discussing what they could do with those funds. They had primarily been devoted to supporting their five-year class reunions, last year, they donated a tree to be planted at CHS.

In June, they presented the Chelsea District Library with a framed drawing of Chelsea High School in 1951, commissioned by John Houle, also a CHS graduate. At that time the school stood on the block surrounded by East, Park, and Harrison Streets.

“The schools, the buildings, obviously no longer exist,” said Duane Gentner, Class President of the class of 1951. “I think they were torn down in the 70s. We certainly had a soft spot for them, so we thought ‘hey why not?’ We learned that there were no similar pictures in the library, so we thought it’d be a good addition. We thought about one big party, but we thought ‘hey that wouldn’t last long.’”

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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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