July 12, 2024 Donate

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Chelsea Community Foundation 2024 Grant Deadline February 15

The grant application deadline is fast approaching. Chelsea nonprofits interested in applying for a grant are encouraged to become familiar with the Guidelines for Grantmaking and how to apply; relevant information can be found on the website at chelseafoundation.org/apply/. Chelsea Community Foundation recommends potential grant applicants reach out and share their ideas for submission with Greg Yankee, gyankee@cfsem.org, and discuss any questions about the grant process.

Grant Recipients in 2023 include

  • Chelsea Chamber Players
  • Huron River Pathway Initiative – Timbertown
  • Western-Washtenaw Area Value Express – WAVE
  • Barn Sanctuary
  • Chelsea Historical Society
  • Chelsea Area Pickleball Association
  • St. Louis Center

CCF has moved to one grant cycle per year versus the February and August deadlines in the past. This single cycle does not affect an organization’s timeline. For instance, some organizations may have targeted the February round in the past because they had summer programming they were looking to fund. Another might have planned an August submission because they had winter programming. Moving to one cycle doesn’t mean organizations need to adjust the work of their grant to when the awards might be made (late spring/early summer); they may still launch their work later in the year.

The Chelsea Community Foundation awards various grants that strengthen Chelsea and benefit its residents. General grant awards typically range from $5,000 to $25,000. CCF will make General grants to 501(c)(3) organizations, government entities, school districts, and universities that provide programs that serve the area defined by the Chelsea School District. Evaluation criteria include sustainability, regional impact, leverage, and collaboration to create a lasting effect.

Learn more at www.chelseafound.org.