Chelsea DDA Talks 2019 Priorities

By Seth Kinker,

At their monthly meeting in February the Chelsea Downtown Development Authority (DDA) passed an action item that set a budget work session for Mar. 7.

During that meeting, City Manager John Hanifan let the DDA know the budget for the DDA would ideally be approved by April so that council could have the completed budget when they do the city budget in May.

The budget work session helps allocate resources and prioritize what will be done in the coming fiscal year. A first draft of the 2019-20 budget had been sent to the DDA prior to the Mar. 7 meeting as well as a current look at the fiscal year finances. On Mar. 7 the DDA began their discussion on what to budget for the 2019-20 fiscal year.

Light pole maintenance and painting were discussed, with the recommendation from city staff being to paint and or perform the necessary maintenance to the approximately 350 – 400 light poles over a four-year period for around $200 per pole.

In addition to the four-year period, the DDA also talked about getting on a cycle to have the work scheduled on the poles.

DDA member Ron Livengood proposed setting aside $60,000 for repairs in the parking lot east of Main between Park and East Middle streets, $10,00 for signage, $20,000 to complete the Palmer Commons with amenities, $5,000 for the alleys, and $5,000 for the sculpture walk.

Parking, which has become a focus for the DDA coming into this year, was another topic of discussion including parking meters in clustered area, gates to close certain lots early in the morning, and enforcement of ticketing.

The main takeaway from the parking discussion was to stress to business owners and their employees the importance of employees not parking in the spots closest to the businesses.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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