Chelsea DDA Updates Projects, Plans for Long-term

By Seth Kinker,

The Chelsea Downtown Development Authority (DDA) met June 21 continuing to monitor progress on three big projects going on in Chelsea. The Palmer Lot Project, the Federal Screw Works property, and the Mack Building.

The Palmer Lot Project is still on target, with completion planned by July 30. Old asphalt is being removed and new asphalt is planned for installation the first week in July.

An additional topic regarding the Palmer Lot Project was on renaming the space. It’s the DDA’s responsibility to choose the name but it was agreed that having the public involved in the process was a good chance to engage with the community. The group decided to wait until the project is finished to name it and the possibility of having an open house and ribbon cutting as well.

Meetings continue between city representatives, owner’s representatives, and the Ann Arbor SPARK on possible plans for the Federal Screw Works property, the hope is to use the property for mix-use development.

The Mack Building has had most of the interior removed with the next step in the process being to close in the shell of the building.

Hanifan talked to the developer the day before the DDA meeting and said framing work continued all of last week into this week.

After discussing the updates the DDA also agreed to hold a working session on July 12 regarding a document to review with information on long range planning.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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