Chelsea Establishes Work Session for Mid-Year Review

By Seth Kinker,

Every February the Chelsea City Council meets for an annual visioning session that covers the next fiscal year. On Oct. 15 at the city council meeting, members of the council agreed on Nov. 5, one hour before the regularly scheduled council meeting, as a work session for a mid-year review of goals in the visioning session from this past Feb.

The two main items that will be discussed include the community mental health and public safety millage and the community development director/planner hiring process.

“We said early on last year that we were going to set a specific session to work on that,” said Hanifan referring to the community mental health and public safety millage that was passed on Nov. 7.

The tax will first be levied in December and is expected to raise $15.4 million in the first year alone. The money from this tax will go to the Washtenaw County Community Mental Health, the Sheriff’s office, and the seven municipalities that have their own police forces for them to distribute as they decide.

The community development director/planner is a position that the City has been looking to fill, they will contribute to the strategic planning for the city. Before the 2018-19 fiscal year, the city talked about hiring  a person to this position, who will also do traditional planning and is the  staff member assigned to the planning commission.


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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