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Chelsea, Chelsea Government

Chelsea Firefighters Climbing Comerica Park Steps to Fight Lung Cancer

By Taiyler Stanfield

A team of Chelsea firefighters is training to climb the steps of Comerica Park in full gear to fight lung cancer. Chelsea Area Fire Authority (CAFA) invites community members to join them or support them on May 19 in the American Lung Association’s event “Fight for Air Climb.”

The CAFA’s team captain for the Fight For Air Climb event, Charlie Dahlgren, who has been a firefighter for four years, notes the importance of participating and why it matters.

“The main goal of this event is to raise money and awareness for things like lung disease, cancer, education about lung disease, and more,” Dahlgren said. Overall, we want to raise awareness for the individuals and families suffering from these reasons.”

The Fight For Air Climb is an all-day event that anybody can participate in, firefighter or not, though there is a specific firefighting section for it.

“Regular participants will climb approximately 1,300 stairs, which is just over half a mile. And then firefighters or first responders will climb closer to 2,000 and travel about three-quarters of a mile,” Dahlgren said.

In addition to their climb, all firefighters will be wearing firefighting equipment and gear weighing anywhere from 45 to 75 pounds.

There is also a third category for “ultimate” climbers, who will have the opportunity to climb as many laps of Comerica Park steps as they can complete in the time given to them.

With each participant climbing well over 1,000 steps, Dahlgren adds that physical fitness is important not just for firefighters but everybody.

“Programs or events like this are a good way to work towards fitness goals,” Dahlgren explains, “especially if we can also use them for the community and the common good.”

As CAFA prepares for the event, they are also preparing for a new fire station to be built, which will include a gym that Dahlgren hopes will include weight equipment, cardio equipment, and stretching areas.

“I’m really excited about a new fire station being built. It’s definitely needed, and it’s probably a little long overdue. We’re kind of busting at the seams here,” Dahlgren said, adding, “It’ll be a great way to not only provide us with more room, but as the community grows, we’ll be better able to provide for the community members and citizens.”

To donate to the CAFA effort, go to https://action.lung.org/site/TR/Climb/ALAMS_MidlandStates?team_id=185864&pg=team&fr_id=25858

To learn more information about the Fight For Air Climb, go to https://action.lung.org/site/TR?fr_id=25858&pg=entry.

Photo by Doug Marr