Chelsea Forum Talks Growth

By Seth Kinker,

The Chelsea Forum met last Saturday, May 19 in the McKune room at the Chelsea District Library. Topics at the forum included growth, traffic, and the Pierce Park Public Input Plan.

With attendance waning after initial meetings, the forum discussed whether the timing of the forum was to blame. They discussed whether they needed to move it to a different day or location. In addition to those factors, they mentioned needing more notices to have been sent out before hand to alert the community of the forums. The forums are held every third Saturday at 10:15am in the McKune room at the Chelsea District Library.

Conversation for increasing participation also included changing the time to an earlier time come fall, and even moving the Forum from the McKune room to somewhere else such as the Wellness Center in Chelsea and getting guest speakers to come and speak.

While nothing has been finalized, one additional need that was identified was to change the perception that it was a City of Chelsea event. Members from Chelsea, Sylvan and Lima are all encouraged to come and participate in the Forum which generates an agenda based on what the audience wants to discuss.

Traffic was another issue discussed at the forum, with the many projects going on in and around Chelsea, noise and safety issues were one of the first things mentioned when traffic was chosen as an agenda item.

Conversation on the topic included a potential bypass for the trucks that had to come through Chelsea while another attendee who lived five streets up from Main street said it was a quality of life issue. Members of the forum said the bypass, in the past, had been discussed but business owners claimed it would take away from business, in addition to the alternative routing which would have been too close to the United Methodist Retirement Community.

After the Pierce Park Public Input Session earlier in the week, members of the forum were vocal on the issue as well, saying they didn’t see the need to move the rock. While most disagreed when it came to moving the rock, everyone acknowledged that it had been the hot button issue as of late in the community. The impact of moving, or not moving, the rock was discussed with the importance of the rock being acknowledged, in addition to its history, forum attendees talked about how it has become useful for learning about events going on in Chelsea

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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